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Iconfu offers more than 5000 professional icons in 5 collections
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Omni Icons

1718 Icons by Iconfu - Versatile Solid Design -

omni icon samples
omni icon samples
omni icon variations
Omni icons with various styles applied with Iconfu
The Omni collection is our most versatile icon collection. The icons work well with almost any style and color scheme. For optimum legibility even in small sizes the Omni icons have been designed on a 32x32 grid.

Paper Icons

1768 Icons by Iconfu - Vivid Layered Design -

paper icon samples
paper icon samples
The Paper icons have a vivid, colorful design, which feels friendly and professional at the same time. They work great with different color schemes. Due to their layered design, a unique stacked shadow style can be applied.
paper icon variations
Color variations and stacked shadow style created with Iconfu

Mono Icons

1501 Icons by Iconfu - Perspective Monochrome Design -

mono icon samples
mono icon samples
mono icon variations
Mono icon with example styles applied with Iconfu
The Mono icons have a unique monochrome, three dimensional appearance. They work best with a light icon color on a dark background.

Line Icons

1718 Icons by Iconfu - Lean Linear Design -

line icon samples
line icon samples
The minimalist line design gives the Line icons a restrained and elegant touch. However, if a strong gradient or a long shadow style is applied, these icons can make a strong statement.
line icon variations
Multi gradient and long shadow style applied with Iconfu

Material Icons

932 Icons by Google - Pure Minimalist Design - Free to Use

material icon samples
material icon samples
material icon variations
Example styles applied to Material icons with Iconfu
The Material icons are minimalist monochrome icons created by Google Inc. They are available under an Open Source license and can be used free of charge with Iconfu.